US Army Field Band Brings Rock to School

US Army Field Band Brings Rock to School

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Photos by Juliana Fontoura and Christina Corbitt

by Jade Chaves

On November 3, the Volunteers came to Hudson High School and put on a fantastic rock show. They are a touring rock band who has played in all 50 states and many other countries. The Volunteers perform for all ages to support the American people and members of the Armed Forces.

The students and staff of Hudson High seemed excited and anxious to see the six members perform.

Freshmen David Chaves enjoyed the show.

“I was looking forward to the show for two reasons: one, I wanted to see the rock band perform and two, I got to miss block four.”

Before long, half the audience were out of their seats jumping up and down, and singing along to the music. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. One girl in the audience was even waving her shoe back and forth. The show was so great it knocked her shoes off!

The Volunteers sang a lot of different songs with many different styles, but one that seemed to stand out was “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. The performers put scary masks over their faces to show the emotion of the song. The audience sang along to Michael Jackson’s lyrics. The lead singer got everyone involved and even did the dance to Thriller.

Sophomore Emily Barry liked the performance of Thriller the best out of all the songs that were performed.

“I liked the masks they wore and the lead singer was great. It was like a mini tribute to Michael Jackson,” said Barry.

The show was a great way to end the long school day.



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