Friendships Help Team Overcome District Loss

Friendships Help Team Overcome District Loss

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by Sabrina Sanford

A few tears were shed as an amazing season with teammates, friends and family came to an end.

Losing a district game should bring a team down; but for Hudson’s varsity field hockey team this was not the case. The ninth seeded Hawks were evenly matched against eighth seeded Shrewsbury; and yet Hudson was swept away losing 2-0 at Grafton High School on Thursday, November 3. Although this loss hurt, the family bonds these girls made made up for the pain.

“We were really close this season. We had pasta dinners and team sleepovers as often as we could. We’ve been friends for a while so it was really easy for all of us to get along,” senior and captain Lauren Costedio said. She couldn’t be more satisfied with her team as they clear the bench at districts and head to the bus for their final ride home.

“I was disappointed that we didn’t win and go on to play more games, but I was also really proud that we made it that far to begin with.”

Making districts this year for all players was an outstanding experience. HHS field hockey has not qualified for districts in a couple of years and for seniors, this perfected their last season. Even the junior varsity swing players were overjoyed with the experience of playing in a district game.

“Being a swing on varsity is an honor within itself because even though I’m not officially a varsity player, I still get the opportunity to play for them,” freshman Maris Laughton said. She has been playing HHS field hockey for two years now. She kept her head held high after the team’s loss.

“I feel that our team really put everything forth and showed what we had. We were pretty evenly matched against Shrewsbury. I’d like to say that their win was luck, but I think they had a bit of a skill advantage over us that game.”

Even with Shrewsbury’s advantage, Hudson’s strong connection both on and off the field had the Hudson team and captain Lauren Costedio leaving the field with pride.

“We’ve been playing together for a while now, so this year’s team was very fluid in knowing where each player was on the field and we were confident in one another that there would always be someone there to back us up both on and off the field.”

Creating those special bonds within a group will lead them further in life than just a district or championship game. Hudson High’s field hockey team has made friendships and memories that they will cherish forever.

Costedio leaves the future varsity field hockey team a few words of advice for upcoming seasons.

“Play your heart out because it’s over in the blink of an eye; work together as a team. And finally, try your best to get along with one another because that will pay off in the game.”



  1. Another great article, Sabrina! This is a wonderful tribute to an awesome team. You really captured the magic of the season and the bittersweet ending beautifully. Kudos!

    -Ms. Ryan 🙂

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