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By Ruben Figueiredo

A little taste on what to expect in graphics as well as a little action.
Taking Earth Back!

The new role playing game Mass Effect 3 is soon to be released to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 6. BioWare, the developers of this unique game, added exciting features including a new  four player Co-op campaign so in the heat of the battle having friends by your side isn’t a problem.

The campaign is stocked full of adventure,new weapons and more secrets to uncover as the exploration and battle to survive goes on. The choices the player makes  will decide the fate of other planets and his crew while the player progresses further into the campaign and form an ultimate force to stop this invasion on earth.

 The role you play as the gamer is the famous Commander Shepard; he again faces the evil army of the Reapers who are now invading humanity, only this time on our planet. They send all of their might to conquer the human race, and while earth is defending itself it is up to the gamer as Commander Shepard and his crew to stop this force. This game is intense because it requires you to make tough decisions and successfully complete backbreaking tasks that help the gamer lead to the defeat of the Reapers.

The game environment is enormous as the player is able to cross the galaxy and visit distant worlds unseen by human eyes only to face challenges that stop the player in his tracks. The gamer is now able to customize his  gun and his crew. There is only one man that can save earth, one person who can save his people, one legend who can save his home and that’s Shepard; can you lead him to victory?


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