Artist of the week: Vinicius Bulhoes

Artist of the week: Vinicius Bulhoes

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Drawing by Vinicius of 60’s actress Edie Sedgwick.
Sophomore Vinicius Bulhoes’s work, particularly his two most recent drawings – one of Lady Gaga and another of 60s actress Edie Sedgwick,  have captured the eyes of many friends of his.

Q: When did you first start drawing, and why?
A: When I was like 7, because there was nothing better to do.
Q: What did you often draw?
A: I often drew animals, a lot of horses. I had a love for horses, and dogs. I was really good. I also drew clothing, and learned how to make the outfits out of rags and towels around the kitchen.
Q:Has drawing ever helped you?
A: Drawing was something I was always good at. It helped me with self-esteem. It kept me on the path of art. Drawing, to theater, to music.

Q: What do you like most about the arts?

A: You don’t have to be very specific, and I think it’s liberating.

Picture also done by Vinicius of Lady Gaga

Q: What happened to your old drawings?

A: I lost them; they didn’t matter to me when I was growing up. Now when I look back, I realise it was a landmark in my development as an artist.
Q: Have you ever won any awards?
A: I never entered any contests. My teachers, parents, and friends evaluating my drawings is enough for me.
Q: What do you struggle with as an artist?
A: Getting the drawing perfect, or at least to a point where I can tolerate the look of the drawing.
Q:What do you think you do well as an artist?
A:I think I draw well, kind of. I draw decently.
Q:What artists inspire you?
A: There are so many artists who inspire me, mostly musicians, but I’d have to say Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse are definitely my favorite two.

Vinicius says he can’t wait to draw more and to improve every day. He promises he won’t lose his drawings this time because now he realises how special they are. He is hopeful to find more time to experiment with art.

“My next challenge is to paint, preferably on a giant canvas board.”


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