Anne of Green Gables Coming Soon

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    The cast of Anne of Green Gables rehearse Act 1. | by Stephanie Petrovick

    by Stephanie Petrovick

    The drama society is performing the play version of Anne of Green Gables on December 5 and 6. This play follows the life of the book character Anne Shirley, an orphan who is adopted by mistake by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who live on the farm named Green Gables. The play follows her crazy adventures as she becomes friends with Diana Barry, sparks a rivalry with her classmate Gilbert Blythe, and tries to accomplish her dreams as she grows older. The play definitely seems to be coming along well, with the cast practicing every day after school, and it should prove to be a very fun play to see.

    According to the director, Rachel Shaw, “The most difficult thing has been memorizing lines, because this is a very wordy script…I think it will go fine; I have faith [in the play]”.


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