Hudson High School Blood Drive: 2016-17

Hudson High School Blood Drive: 2016-17

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

by Cheyenne McLeod


Loss consists of students who were absent/tardy, did not show up for their appointment or who were deferred for medical reasons, such as high blood pressure or low iron.

The American Red Cross hosted its second blood drive this school year on March 13. This spring blood drive was a success compared to the numbers in the fall. Although there was a decline in the number of donors in Fall 2016, that decline does not come from a lack of interest. Organizer Betty McMahon says that many girls were deferred due to low iron levels in October’s drive along with several student athletes.

“Many of the kids are playing sports, and if they donate, it disqualifies them from playing in Friday night games,” McMahon said.

This year’s spring blood drive has been very successful compared to last year’s spring blood drive, with more signups leading to more donations.

Overall in our blood drives, 60% of volunteers actually go on to successfully donate a pint of blood. McMahon aims for at least 30 signups to account for the possible losses/deferrals, and this spring she surpassed that goal with 34 pints donated.




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