Spirit Committee Makes Changes to Homecoming Week

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    by John Houle

    Spirit Committee hoped to inspire more student involvement and spirit this year in its approach to spirit week. will host this year’s homecoming dance at the Portuguese Club on October 21. This idea was introduced by the JR Boosters and is being implemented to increase school spirit.

    Spirit Committee faculty advisor Chelsea Silva was a member of Spirit Committee when she was in high school. Now, Silva sees a lack of spirit in school and has identified how this has occurred.

    “When I was in Spirit Committee,” Silva said, “the class officers and the grades had a more active role in creating school spirit. Now, this common active role has stopped, and Spirit Committee has to be more active and push for their ideas to be implemented.”

    Homecoming has included Spirit Week, a full week of dress up days. This week has included both classic dress up days, such as color day, and new ideas, such as pink day, but one classic day will not be making an appearance.

    “This year,” spirit committee member Bianca Chaves said, “Red and White day will be replaced with USA day because the homecoming game will be USA themed.”

    Spirit week culminates with the first pep rally of the year. This year will feature a schedule that’s unlike previous pep rallies.

    “The schedule of the rally,” Chelsea Silva said, “will include a focus on interaction with a trivia club competition and performances from the band and dance team.”

    The pep rally will also announce a homecoming king and queen for each grade. The male student and the female student that have shown the most school spirit throughout the week will win. The rewards for winning this competition will include a tiara and bragging rights.

    Spirit Committee also created a hashtag challenge on Instagram. For the competition, each grade will get the hashtag #HudsonHighSpiritYOG, with YOG being replaced with the student’s year of graduation. The grade with the most pictures will win free admission to Friday night’s homecoming game.

    The multitude of photos on the Instagram and Twitter accounts show that the Spirit Committee’s efforts to increase school spirit have been successful.

    The week will end with a homecoming dance at the Portuguese Club on October 21. Junior Boosters introduced this idea to increase school spirit.

    “I hope,” Silva said, “that everyone appreciates Spirit Committee’s efforts and participates in homecoming.”


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