Betty McMahon Remains Committed to Local Blood Drive

Betty McMahon Remains Committed to Local Blood Drive

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Lily Usherwood donates blood on Oct. 6. | by Denise Reid

by Lily Clardy

For Betty McMahon the blood drive is more than community service; it is personal.

McMahon knew three kids with leukemia. She tutored one of them. They needed blood when they were sick, she explained to me. She thought that by doing this it would help these kids and the other sick kids in the area. Then, when she needed blood during her hip surgery, she realized how important these donations are.

McMahon tries to donate at the blood drive every year, but if she isn’t able to she always goes to different events and donates there.

But McMahon also feels a sense of responsibility to people outside of her community.

“When there’s things like hurricanes, it makes me feel like I am helping those people, even though the blood might not be going directly to them,” McMahon said. “By donating blood you are helping others.”

For 13 years she has been running this blood drive, and it has had a huge effect on others, especially younger people. As McMahon continues to help others through the blood drive, many younger kids are realizing how important this cause is. On Friday, October 6, 41 people, both students and staff members, donated 61 units of blood.

Despite her retirement, McMahon continues to help others in her community.




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