School Begins Senior Internship Program

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    Senior Matt Farrell interns at Stanley Steamer.

    by Lily Clardy

    The new internship program, which started April 3, gives seniors the opportunity throughout Term 4 to participate in a career field, and before investing time and money in that field, they see the daily responsibilities and expectations of that career.

    This year, 12 students are participating. To become part of that group the students had to submit their applications in October, and shortly after Career/School Counselor Kerry Bartlett, Assistant Principal Danica Johnston, Director of School Counseling Angie Flynn and Principal Brian Reagan interviewed them.

    Since November, students in the program have been trying to find a location and communicate with that site.

    The program started with 50 applications, but as students considered obstacles, such as coming back for AP classes, some decided not to join the program.

    Students have certain guidelines and regulations. They have to have at least a C in all their classes to be considered for the program.

    For the seniors who are participating, their term three grades are duplicated to term four. Teachers decide whether the student takes the final exam.

    Senior Jonathan Vickrey will work with animals at Animal Adventures in Bolton. “I hope to gain an understanding of how to work with strange animals,” he says.

    Senior Olivia Lepore dreams of becoming a school nurse.

    “I wanted to do an internship to get more experience working with kids,” Olivia says. “I have experience working with kids because I taught CCD to five and six year olds.”

    Once the students’ internships are completed, they are required to give a presentation on their experience and what they gained from participating in this.

    When Dr. Reagan worked at Shrewsbury High School, they offered this internship program. The program was designed to build relationships with local businesses and to allow students to explore a certain career.


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