Principal Reagan Accepts New Job as Assistant Superintendent

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    Jordan Bushey gives Principal Reagan a hug instead of a handshake. |by Ally Jensen

    by Bianca Chaves

    Dr. Brian Reagan is leaving Hudson High School after seven years as principal to become the assistant superintendent at Wilmington High School.

    Assistant Principal Dan McAnespie has been working closely with Reagan since he was hired. “He’s one of those people who knows what’s going to happen before it happens,” McAnespie says.

    McAnespie also thinks Reagan’s best quality is how he works with the people of the school. “He has a good vision of what our staff wants,” McAnespie says, “and what the culture of the building is supposed to be.”

    English teacher Susan Menanson has enjoyed working with him. “The teachers always knew that he would support you,” Menanson said. “He would always have our backs.”

    McAnespie also comments on his communication skills. “His communication is excellent,” McAnespie explains. “If it’s with parents, students, or staff, it’s just one of his strengths.”

    Menanson was very pleased when Reagan got the job. “He was young, and I figured that he would come in with new ideas and would be flexible,” Menanson said.

    She also like how invested he was in the school “because he had children that soon would be coming into the high school.”

    Reagan will deal with a wider variety of students at his new school. “I’m going to learn more about elementary schools and middle schools,” Reagan said. “I have some experience there but certainly nothing compared to my experience at the secondary level.”

    Reagan hopes for a great future for Hudson High School. “I’m very committed to the school. I really want to see Hudson High continue to be successful,” Reagan says, “and I want to see it grow with new programs and new opportunity for kids.”

    Leaving Hudson High School is bittersweet for Reagan. “What I will miss most here is the students,” Reagan says. “I think our student body here is the most genuine and good to be around. They always look happy to be here.”


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