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The cast of Bye Bye Birdie sing "Honestly Sincere" during the performance. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

Despite the snow, Drama Society held all four performances of Bye Bye Birdie, on March 9, 10, and 11. The show tells the story of a famous rock and roll star that has been selected for the draft and his songwriter’s creative idea to end their career with a final hit song, and a kiss to one of his fans.


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Seniors and their parents gather together during the senior night ceremony. | Submitted Photo

by Siobhan Richards

The boys hockey team celebrated senior night against Auburn on February 10. They honored seven seniors for their dedication to the program over their high school careers.

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by Siobhan Richards

The co-op swim team held their senior night against Bromfield on January 26. The girls team lost to Bromfield 117-59, and the boys lost as well with an overall score of 94-77. Despite the loss, swimmers from both the girls and boys teams qualified for sectionals.

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A collection of photos from members of The Big Red staff to summarize 2017.

by Siobhan Richards

The Big Red Staff reflects on the most memorable events of the year 2017 through photos of sports, productions, and important events.






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At the gymnastics meet against Marlborough, Kayla Rodrigues performs her floor routine. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

The HHS Gymnastics team competed against cross-town rivals, Marlborough High School, last Saturday. Overall, Hudson lost to Marlborough with a score of 135.7 to 128.9.


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The Hawks walk in arm in arm for their last game of the season against the Marlborough Panthers. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

The Hawks played in the annual Thanksgiving Day game against longtime rival Marlborough High School, on Thursday, November 23. Despite being tied 6-6 at halftime, the Hawks lost to the Panthers 27-12.

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The Drama Society performs The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

The Drama Society gave their last performance of the musical The Adventures of Tom Sawyer on November 21.  Over the four performances, 594 people attended the show.

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Dance Team Joins Athletic Community as a Varsity Sport

Members of the dance team perform at halftime during the senior night game. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

Not many athletes have to fight for their team every year, but for members of the dance team, that has been their reality. Dance team has officially become a recognized varsity sport this year, after pursuing the issue for four years.

After getting approval from school committee and enduring the three year probation process, current seniors Aly Haley and Hannah Farrell now lead the team they’ve pushed for since their eighth grade year.

“The girls have worked really hard the last four years, and it’s just so great that they can take something that they do after school, at night, almost every single day of the week for years, and they now get to show that to their peers. Dance is a sport. They are athletes who work extremely hard, and they now have the opportunity to show it. It’s great,” coach Kelly Haley said.

As a varsity sport they now have funding from the school and have access to any resources provided for the other recognized sports. Aside from the financials, the team is now able to have a senior night, but most importantly a varsity letter.

“This year we’ll get physical varsity letters, which is silly I know, but every other sport gets them. We work just as hard. It’s nice to get the recognition,” Farrell said.

Another improvement is the ability to have a full time choreographer to practice with them every day. In past years they would only have limited time with a choreographer, sometimes only an hour a week, due to budgetary restrictions.  

“So it’s like if you went to soccer or football practice, and your captains had to run every practice except once a week when your coach was able to be there, but for a very limited time,” Farrell said. “Now that we’re a recognized sport, we have a choreographer coming in every day working with us for the entire practice.”

Previously, this left the captains to block their own numbers, spending hours doing what professionals should rather than learning the dance themselves.  

“[Before] it felt like I was the choreographer and not the dancer. Having to do both and run practice was hard to balance because I couldn’t see what I was messing up or what I needed to work on because I was watching the dance,” Haley said.

Even without the support of a choreographer on a daily basis, the team still performed at competitions. The rigor and intensity of the dance had to be there to place against other varsity dance teams.

“It was really annoying before especially because when we compete at competitions, we’re competing as a varsity team,” Aly Haley said. “At that level, the other teams have 30-50 girls and a full time choreographer.”

The dance team faces 12 other recognized varsity dance teams, including Newton North and South, Framingham, Plymouth, and Needham. Though the other schools are all larger, the team has still been competitive in past years, placing first at an invitational competition, and second at the regional competition last year.

The dance team has become an important part of the HHS community, which joined the dance team in the varsity sport flashmob at the Homecoming Rally.

“I think to other people being a recognized sport is kind of old hat, and people don’t realize how much it truly matters to be a varsity sport,” Farrell said. “Since we know what it’s like not to be a sport, to now be recognized as one, it’s a really big deal.”

The Hawks shake hands with Westwood, after losing 3-2 in their playoff game. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

Volleyball played in their first playoff game since 2013 on Thursday. After a back and forth game, the Westwood Wolverines won the game, 3-2. The Hawks finished their season, 9-9.


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Signs posted along the walk guiding participants through the race depict Michaella throughout her life. | by Siobhan Richards

by Siobhan Richards

The Miles and Smiles for Michaella event in memory of Michaella Walsh Libby was held at the Morgan Bowl on October 21. Libby was a member of the HHS class of 2010, and she attended the University of Maryland before her passing in 2012.  

Her parents, Marty and Erin (Walsh) Libby; younger brothers, Nick and Ben Libby; as well as friends and family join together each year to put on the event. This year the Michaella Walsh Libby Foundation became an official non-profit charity, and it has added a third scholarship.

To raise money for the foundation each year there is a 5k walk around Hudson, as well as events such as the high heel dash. In addition, there are small raffles donated by family, friends and local businesses, and a larger raffle to win a trip to Tuscany, Italy. 

They give scholarships each year. One goes to a HHS senior who is dedicated to serving the community and is going into the field of public health, just as Michaella was. This year’s recipient was Cara Sullivan who is interested in the public health field at the University of New Hampshire. The second scholarship goes to a student at the University of Maryland, who is also an AOII sorority sister. This year a third scholarship will go to three children in Honduras to attend bilingual schools as part of a joint effort with the Students helping Honduras foundation.

As a Hudson High School student, Michaella participated in cheerleading, gymnastics, and track and field. Each year the current cheerleaders help run the event. They provide balloons and sharpies for the balloon release. Each person has a balloon and may write a message to their loved ones who have also passed away.

The foundation continues to grow each year, keeping not only Michaella’s memory alive, but her passion for helping others.