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by Rocco Malloy

The highly anticipated sequel to the well-known movie Pitch Perfect was released on May 15, 2015. Anyone who has seen the first movie couldn’t wait for the release of Pitch Perfect 2. As much as I would like to pretend I wasn’t excited for the sequel, I definitely was. The first movie was hilarious, so I could only imagine what the second one was going to be like. I personally enjoyed this movie, as I did the first. This sequel was not like most. It was almost better than the first one.

Following the Barden Bellas, the first all-female acappella group to win a national title, the movie is a musical comedy that leaves you wishing you could sing so that you could be in an acapella group, too. The movie opens with a performance by the Bellas in front of hundreds of people, including President Obama. The performance is amazing, as usual, until something goes terribly wrong. They are suspended as an acapella group leaving them devastated as they are a group of seniors who want to finish out the year by winning another national title. To regain their status and right to perform, they make a deal that if they enter an international competition that no American group has ever won, and actually win, that they are no longer suspended.

The movie was, as expected, hilarious just like the first one. The characters were just as funny, if not more funny as they were in the first movie. There were a few new characters that brought a little more to the table. Since it is a sequel, there had to be a few new characters. The movie did a great job at tying in characters from the first movie when you would least expect it. The best part about sequel movies is that it is basically a reunion for the audience and even the actors.

Pitch Perfect 2 was neither worse nor better than the first one. Sequels can either be completely awful compared to the first movie, or sometimes people like the second movie better than the first. But when it comes to Pitch Perfect, both movies were uniquely hilarious, entertaining and unpredictable (for the most part). The second movie, however, was a lot less predictable than the first movie. You never really knew where the movie was going or what was going to happen. I think a little of that had to do with the advertising not giving away too much of the plot, but also a lot to do with the script and storyline.

I would definitely suggest seeing this movie for anyone looking to have a good laugh, but also watch some pretty great performances. The international accapella groups were extremely entertaining, and honestly, incredible. If I was a movie critic, I would give this movie “two thumbs up.”

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by David Ferguson

The digg app, a spin-off of the popular, is an easy way to browse the most popular stories on the internet. With its sheek black and white design, the digg app allows users to quickly scroll through the most shared articles and videos on the web at a given time. Each post includes the article/video title, the article/video’s source, and the number of likes.

DiggBecause digg is a culmination of the most populars stories of the day, there are a wide variety of topics covered on the site; the different categories, include politics, music, funny, design, business, art, and many more. The wide variety of topics covered and sources of information on the site means there is something for everyone; there is everything from Saturday Night Live skits to articles on Chinese food to scientific articles on the Darwin fish. One downfall of the app, is that brief descriptions of each article or video are not provided, while these summaries are included on the website.

DiggThe simplicity of the digg app may be the app’s greatest upside. Swipe the article/video to the left and you are given three options: like the piece, bookmark the piece for later, or message/e-mail the piece to a friend. Swipe the page to the right and there are four categories: top stories, video, diggs, and saved. The top stories tab allows the user to view the top articles and videos on the internet at that time. The video section allows the user to see the top videos on the web at that time. The diggs tab allows the user to view the articles he or she has liked and the saved tab allows users to see the articles/videos that they have bookmarked, which is especially useful because digg continually updates throughout the day and articles can move through the site quickly.

The digg website and the digg app are perfect for anyone interested in up to date and fascinating cultural, scientific, and entertainment news.

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Brolin's character restraining Winslet's as her son is forced to distracts a neighbor.

by Kaylie Blais

The first interaction between Winslet's and Brolin's characters when taken hostage in her house.
This is the first interaction between Winslet’s and Brolin’s characters when she is taken hostage in her house.

Labor Day is not worth your money or your time. If all you care about is the actors, watch them in a different movie because this has major plot and character problems.

An escaped convict (Brolin) takes Adele (Winslet) and her son hostage and makes them hide him from the cops over Labor Day weekend. During this three-four day stay, Brolin and Winslet’s characters fall in love.

The random placements of flashbacks of a young man and a young woman together seem unnecessary. These flashbacks though useful to seeing Frank’s past (a.k.a. his crime) have no impact on the current timeline in the movie because Brolin’s character (Frank) never confronts or talks about his past with Winslet’s character (Adele). This makes no sense to me. When a convict is in your house bonding with your son, you never think to ask him what he did to wind up in jail.

Another questionable plot point is Adele’s son Henry (Gattlin Griffith) and his discovery of girls. Not only did this have no relation to the main plot, but it is not believable. This thirteen year old has a convicted murderer in his house, and at night instead of fearing for his life, he’s thinking about a girl’s see-through shirt or how to get a girlfriend the next day. I don’t care if hormones are kicking this character should fear for his life. This subplot belonged in a coming of age movie targeted at teenagers not a movie about love developing between a man who takes a woman and her son hostage.

That being said there were some things that were okay about the movie. Adele and her son have a strong bond (at least in the beginning) that you would expect between a mother and a son. There were a lot of moments that you would expect a parent and a child to show. Henry worried about being abandoned when Adele and Frank transformed into a couple. Adele worried about Henry not having a constant father figure in his life and her shame that he had to take care of her instead of the other way around.

However once they got comfortable around Frank, Adele and Henry were able to individually bond with Frank, and the three characters were able to have a comfortable and loving bond with each other(if you ignore the fact that they knew each other for three days and one member  had just escaped prison). That family atmosphere made the love between Frank and Adele more believable. When Adele first met Frank, he had adopted a threatening manner towards her son, and it was during this time that Adele hid a kitchen knife on her person as protection for her and her son. However as Frank adopted a more fatherly attitude towards Henry by playing baseball and cooking with him, Adele fell so in love with him she agreed to flee for Canada with Frank and take Henry with them. Still a little hard to believe (especially after only three days) but it added a little depth to their relationship that could offer a little support to this decision.

The one thing that was great about this movie was Winslet’s portrayal of her character’s struggle with depression after her husband left her when she miscarried for the fourth time. In a take with a close up of her hands, Adele’s are never steady, and she often stammers over her words. You see her struggling to get out of bed in the morning and stuttering over her sentences when she feels stressed. She’s withdrawn from everyone around her besides her son. When she does venture out of her house, it’s clear that she hasn’t interacted with anyone in a long time by their surprise at seeing her. I thought her portrayal was spot on and the only silver lining for this movie.

Unfortunately one woman’s acting can’t carry a whole movie, and I rate this a C with the recommendation that you not put this movie at the top of your list.

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by Alexa Duplisea

The Voice

If it’s Monday or Tuesday night, check out The Voice on NBC. Most people are skeptical about reality shows, but The Voice is a highly rated show. Different from X Factor, American Idol and other talent\singing shows, the singers on this show get coached throughout the season on how to become great singers on stage.

Each celebrity judge at the beginning of the season chooses a group of auditioning singers to mentor. Throughout the show the celebrity running their group teaches them how to better their performances. Every singer is unique, and the artists always say for the singer to find themselves in the music and become more confident singing on stage.

The celebrity singers on this show – Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton –  are all talented singers. Each artist has had a singing career for a while, and they have all had great singles like Usher with “Scream” and Shelton with “Honey Bee.” They know how to capture an audience and fans with their voice. Also since they have been in the business for at least 3 years each, they know what songs people are capable of singing, what works for each singer and how to really show your audience yourself in the music.

At the beginning of the show when Shakira and her team sang “Stand by You,” Shakira sounded amazing. This show chose the right celebrity singers. They are diverse, from country to pop, and from hometown boy Shelton to international sensation Shakira.

On this week’s elimination episode each celebrity singer performed with their teammates. Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas sang with Shakira, and they made it sound like they have sung together for years. It was absolutely my favorite performance of the night.

By the end of the show the Swon Brothers and Josiah Howley were eliminated.

This show is worth watching again. Overall I give it 4 stars and plan to keep on watching and staying up to date on who stays on the show and who gets eliminated.


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by Alexa Duplisea



Secrets aren’t impossible to keep, but for how long can a person keep such a big secret, like an affair with the President of the United States or being part of a team that rigged the presidential election? If you are Olivia Pope, you have to keep both of these secrets. The hit show Scandal knows how to create drama and suspense.

Scandal, which plays on ABC on Thursday nights at 10pm, is a captivating show. It focuses on a group of people that call themselves “The Gladiators.” During the first show of the series, this team rigs the presidential elections to have President Fitzgerald Grant, or Fitz, put into office, but now they have to keep their secret. That certainly generated suspense in the show as viewers wondered when they were going to get caught and by whom. To keep their secret safe, they have to lock up and hide the device that holds all their secrets to rigging the election. Someone is after their secrets, and they have to keep “the mole” from getting the device.

The other big secret is the affair between Fitz and Olivia. Only Cyrus, Fitz’s close personal assistant, and Fitz’s wife, Mellie Grant, know about the affair. I was shocked when she didn’t tell everyone right away. Even though a man was investigating Mellie and trying to get her to reveal the name of Fitz’s mistress, she never once gave the name away.

About halfway through the show, Harrison Wright, Olivia’s coworker, reveals that he knows about Olivia’s affair. He will keep the secret if she stops the affair, so it will put the president and his love life out of the press. Olivia is handling this situation very well, and she acts like she has everything under control. She does lose control when she is telling Fitz that he has to keep his presidency or for the rest of her life she would feel like it was her fault.

Olivia and her team need to keep the president out of the newspapers because of his biggest secret, the rigged election. I wanted people to find out that they rigged the election because I wanted to see what might have happened in the show. Unfortunately, the show ended before that happened.

I loved the suspense, but with all the different problems going on at one time it made it hard to follow along. Who was the mole? Why was this person going to be killed? Who is following this man? It was hard even to put a name to all the faces because there were so many characters in this show. Scandal is definitely a show that you have to watch every episode in every season or you would be lost.


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Why is reality television taking over America? Because fantasy has dried up, and we need a new trend. It used to be that people had guilty pleasures that involved large amounts of science fiction, like cult favorites Doctor Who, but those types of shows are becoming more and more uncommon and reality TV is becoming more of the norm.

Every Monday and Sunday night I spend valuable time in front of my TV watching one of the many Real Housewives of… franchises. When the two hour finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on, I spent the full two hours glued to my television.

“Why are you watching this?” I asked myself. I began to think of all the things that kept me coming back week after week.

The money. While we are living in a recession, and many, including myself, are unable to spend outrageous amounts of money on lavish parties or second homes, it’s nice to see those who can. These are women of all different backgrounds, races, and professions, and they have all figured out a way to make a living for themselves. And trust me, it’s a good living. There is an odd enjoyment in watching those with privilege get what they want.

A main argument against reality television, and The Real Housewives in particular, is that these shows lack artistic expression, but nobody is watching Lisa Vanderpump spend millions of dollars on a dinner party for the art of it all. It’s simply an indulgence. It’s easy to watch wealthy women fight because it isn’t relatable  We, as an audience, do not need, or want, to think about our real life problems. It’s healthy to get away from the stress you experience every day.

Also we know it isn’t real. Keeping up with the Kardashians is probably scripted, as is Housewives, the next American Idol has probably already been chosen. Who cares? I don’t.

Mindless television serves a purpose. It doesn’t matter what show or format you prefer, whether it is the dating shows like The Bachelor, the high stakes competition shows like Survivor,  talent shows like The X Factor, or famous for being famous shows like The Real Housewives.  And I think the sooner people realize that, the sooner we can stop talking about television and start talking about real issues, like who will be the Next Top Model… kidding!


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by Alexa Duplisea


Dancing With the Stars

I am no professional dancer, but while watching Dancing with The Stars, I just want to get up and shake my hips (not a pretty sight). This is definitely going to be on my list of good shows to watch.

Tuesday night at 9 p.m. was the results show for Monday night’s performances. Even though I was not able to see all the dances, the show gave a summary of the dances that were performed the night before. This gave me the opportunity to see the highlights and mistakes of each couple’s dance.

The best dance chosen by the fans was the jive, performed by Disney Channel star Zendaya Colemen and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy. The dance is fast paced and involves more quick feet movement than most styles of dancing. I was wishing that I could be Zendaya out there dancing around in that gold flapper dress. The couple earned a 26 out of 30 from  judges Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Len Goodman, for their almost perfect performance  As Bruno put it, “A star is born big time!” Zendaya will definitely be seen on next week’s episode.

In this results show, the viewers eliminated one of the 12 couples by the end of the night. To extend the show, they had performances by Icona Pop singing, “I Love It,” a personal favorite of mine, and singer Josh Groban performed also.

Three couples sweat it out in jeopardy, waiting to see who among them would be eliminated; Dorthy Hamill and her partner Tristan MacManus had to drop out of the competition due to Dorthy’s serious back problems. So all the couples that were in jeopardy were safe, until the following week.

As much as I enjoyed this show, I think it would have been more enjoyable if I had watched Monday night’s performances. I really wish I had gotten to see each dance because the summary of the dances made me wish I saw all of them.

For someone who enjoys shows with real people and awesome dances, then this show is perfect. But to enjoy this show, a person should watch on Monday and Tuesday nights. Overall, I give this show 5 out of 5 stars!

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After Seth MacFarlane made viewers of the 2013 Oscars laugh and cringe, rumors have already started flying about who will be the next host of Hollywood’s biggest night!

When MacFarlane stated that he would never return to host the Oscars, many began to consider who would take on the heavy task of hosting the award show.

When people began to speculate that SNL alumni Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would try to host the telecast, Fey said that she would be honored to be asked but had no real interest in being a hostess for Hollywood’s biggest night. Thank goodness! Fey and Poehler did well as Golden Globe awards hosts, but they lack the prestige that the Oscars demands. Both actresses have had lead roles in films, but nothing that has earned them any real traction in the world of cinema. Sometimes you are meant to stay on TV; the sooner Fey and Poehler learn this the better.

Somebody who has gained a lot of respect from her peers is the fabulous young starlet Emma Stone who has wowed audiences from films such as The Help, Easy A, or Super-bad. Stone could easily be the hostess with the mostess. A good companion for Stone would be another young starlet who has not only been praised by her peers but the the Academy herself.  Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has shown her class, charm, and humor in various films such as The Silver Linings Playbook, Winters Bone, and The Hunger Games. They would be able to keep the youthful viewers MacFarlane was able to bring in while maintaining the class of the Oscars. I’ve got to say I totally ship this host pairing.


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by Alexa Duplisea

Secret Life of the American Teenager

How many people can be pregnant or have a kid in one show? Well, Secret Life of The American Teenager upstaged Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant for being the show with the most pregnancies. So far on the show there have been at least six pregnancies. This show’s main focus is teen pregnancies, and it is really not something I want to watch every week.

At the end of every show, they have their own Public Service Announcement educating teens about pregnancies. So, why does it feel like in the show they are promoting pregnancy? They make the lives of these teen moms seem less difficult than they are in real life, and it can give teenage girls the wrong impression about teen pregnancies.

In this episode, Amy, played by Shailene Woodly, is getting married to the father of her child, and she has recently picked out a wedding dress. Unfortunately, it is ugly, and none of her friends and family like it. So yes, this episode is not focused on pregnancy, but too bad because it’s still not interesting.

All the family and friends of Amy and Ricky do not feel that the two teens should be getting married just because they have a child together, but none of them speak up about it to the couple. Throughout the show Amy shows the dress to everyone she knows and gets the same reaction: they hate it. The only thing that got my attention in the show was wanting to find out what the dress would look like after she fixed it up, but it wasn’t shown in this episode and I don’t care enough to continue watching the series.

This show has been on ABC Family for five seasons, and they are currently on their last season. Most of the girls on this show are in high school and at some point have been pregnant, which really makes me mad! Are they trying to promote girls in high school getting pregnant? I sure hope not, but that is what it seems like. Amy and Ricky are planning on getting married, and they already have a kid. Although they have their differences, they are a happy couple, which might give teens the impression that it is okay to get pregnant and get married in high school.

I have one confession. I used to watch this show when it first started, and I was obsessed. There was always some drama going on, but in the last few seasons all that happens is someone new gets pregnant. Who cares?! Nobody wants to watch a show where all the girls in one high school get pregnant, and all they talk about is sex! Not appropriate for a channel named ABC “FAMILY.” Not at all a family show. My rating for this show is 1 out of 5 stars.

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Audience Age/Rating: Rated PG-13 for sexual humor, language and comic violence

Genre: Comedy

Director: Adam McKay

The movie is relatively old, coming out in 2003, but it is considered one of the greatest comedies ever in most people’s eyes, if not the greatest.

by Joe Frias

Will Ferrell stars as Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s top rated newsman of the 1970s. However, that’s all about to change when a new female employee (Christina Applegate) arrives in his office.

Will Ferrell is part of a comedic group of actors known as the Frat Pack. The Frat Pack also includes Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell. This movie includes many of these comedy greats, such as Jack Black, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Steve Carell.

This movie can make anyone laugh from the opening credits to the end of the film. In the very first scene, I died laughing when the narrator said, “This film is based off a true story. Only the people, places, and events have been changed.”  Scenes like this make the movie great because they are so outrageous. It seems as if every scene something out of the ordinary happens, and they all come together to not only make a really funny movie, but a great movie in general.  These are a few examples of the many, many events in this movie that will make you holler with laughter.

The comedy in this movie is very outrageous comedy. Every scene, the unexpected occurs. There was one scene when Ron Burgundy and the rest of his news team were walking to the suit store. They were stopped by their rival news team. Not long after there is an all out fight between five different news teams. It all happens so fast, and it catches people off guard. It makes for a very funny and very outrageous film.

However, there are a few minor mistakes in this movie. When Ron reads the teleprompter with the question mark on it, it is revealed that the words on the prompter don’t match the words that Ron said. This is clearly a mistake, since it is well-established that Ron will read anything that is put on the teleprompter. Also, directly following the “Panda Watch day #5” report, as Ron Burgundy is reading his sign-off from the teleprompter, the words do not match, defeating the point that he can’t change the words from the teleprompter. It is not a huge mistake, but I noticed it, and I am sure other people have as well.

If you want to kick back and relax and watch a funny movie, this is the movie for you. A movie night with this movie is a recipe for success. The highly anticipated sequel will be coming out December 20.